A Fail-Proof Plan for New Leaders!
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We provide a fail-proof plan for new leaders to succeed quickly and become the envy of their peers!

Do you solve problems at work or home? If so, you are creative! Think about the organizations that excel today. They prioritized creativity in leaders like you.

According to Udemy, 77% of employers say soft-skills are more important than hard-skills in the workplace. Gallup has also stated, 1 out of 5 employees are engaged at work. This causes a $4-5 billion loss in productivity across the U.S.. So, as a new leader, what are you to do? You need a fail-proof plan and we have one for you. Based on four stages of team development, you will learn how to:

  • assess team members strengths and weaknesses,
  • when to hire and fire,
  • set up a strategic off-site to voice expectations and cast vision,
  • deal with tough team situations,
  • maximize your focus,
  • find out the kind of leader you truly are,
  • prioritize projects efficiently,
  • create a culture of fun and quality,
  • and inject creativity into your weekly routine.

You are encouraged to be imaginative in how you apply the principles and exercises within Creatives Lead—put them into practice! Creatives Lead will aid you in smoothly transitioning from a single-contributor to a rock star leader in only three months on the job.

Creatives Lead!

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“Because creativity is a major differentiator in today’s business landscape, I believe that more creatives should sit in leadership positions.”
– Eric H. Brown



I know something about you…

Entrepreneur – CEO – Experience Lead – Musician – Director – Chef – CXO – Sous Chef Product Designer – CMO – Architect – Manager – Designer – Developer Mentor – Coach Writer – Artist – Painter – Digital Illustrator – Owner – Gamer – Director of UX – Author
Game Designer – Content Strategist – Team Lead – Analyst – Data Scientist – Photographer Editor – Audio Technician – Concept Artist – Modeler – Animator – more…

…no matter your title, you are a problem solver,
and that takes creativity. What you need now is a fail-proof plan for new leaders!

Where Are You?

Are you a new leader and afraid of failing? Are you mentoring a new leader or growing a group of potential leaders?
This book is for you!

Are you new to a team? Are you putting a team together? Are you transitioning out of a team?
You need this book!

Is the team not getting along? Do you feel your opinions do not matter? Are others work styles frustratingly different from yours?
This book is going to help you!

Are you trying to create a unique team/department culture? Is your team not excelling? Are you not having fun at work?
Creatives Lead is for you!

Get your copy now.

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