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Do you solve problems at work? If so, you are creative!

Think about the organizations that excel today. They have strong brands; they fail fast; they’re pushing the boundaries of process and product development; they’re agile, intentional, savvy—they are creative organizations. How did they get there? They prioritized creativity in leaders.

Gone is the Industrial Age—but many legacy processes still stand unchallenged in today’s businesses. It’ll take new thinking to survive in the age of lean, fast-paced business. And how does one direct and navigate this kind of landscape as a leader? Through creativity.

Creatives Lead!

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“Because creativity is a major differentiator in today’s business landscape, I believe that more creatives should sit in leadership positions.”



I know something about you…

Entrepreneur – CEO – Experience Lead – Musician – Director – Chef – CXO – Sous Chef Product Designer – CMO – Architect – Manager – Designer – Developer Mentor – Coach Writer – Artist – Painter – Digital Illustrator – Owner – Gamer – Director of UX – Author
Game Designer – Content Strategist – Team Lead – Analyst – Data Scientist – Photographer Editor – Audio Technician – Concept Artist – Modeler – Animator – more…

…no matter your title, you are a problem solver,
and that takes creativity!

Are you new to a team? Are you putting a team together? Are you leaving a team? This book is for you!

Is the team not getting along? Do you feel your opinions do not matter? Are others work styles frustratingly different from yours? This book is for you!

Are you trying to create a unique team culture? Is your team rocking it? Are you having fun at work? Are you growing the people around you? Creatives Lead is for you! Get your copy now.

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